May 4, 2017


Usually I like taking the photos for my blog around the lunch time but this week has been crazy busy with no free time during the day. Luckily the weather is absolutely amazing that it seems to me that the prettiest are the after work golden hours. I believe these photos prove my point and they just might be one of my favourite. On the other hand, my bf isn't that happy about it because I already told him that we're shooting again tomorrow. Hahhaa, yes, I have to force him...

I ordered this tulle skirt and a t-shirt from the Reserved online shop which took 3-4 days. Right when I saw it, I thought it looked interesting and I imagined all the ways I would wear it. The tulle skirt looks so cool with t-shirts but next time I try to remember to wear it with a denim shirt. I actually tried the skirt on skinny jeans and this too looked good. So multifunctional, love it!

For more than ten years all my winter (snow) boots are from Ecco and let me just say there aren't that many pairs, maybe three, they just last so damn long. Last week I had the opportunity to choose a sporty shoe from their collection and the choice was so easy for me because I already had my eye on the sneakers and I remember thinking how cool these would look with a flowy summer dress. I also linked the sneakers below but the funny thing is that this model is not in the women's section but it says ladies on the box. I guess it shows that just in case always check the men's section too because they might have cooler models.

Reserved jacket, skirt, shirt, bag, sunglasses / Ecco sneakers
Photos: Matis O. / Edit: me

This post is in collaboration with Ecco and Reserved.


  1. Ma juba mitu postitust vaatan, et su juuksed on ju täiesti kadestusväärsed! Wowowow!

    1. Jaaa, värske värk! Või noh, nüüdseks juba kuu juuksurist möödas, aga enne seda pold 8a. midagi teinud peale lōikamise ja nüüd kohe elu sees. Esialgu tehti külma blondi ombre ja kuna mulle need külmad otsad nii meeldisid, siis paar nädalat hiljem sain peale triibud ka juurde :)

  2. The outfit looks amazing on you. I really love the reflective glasses. The skirt also gives a quirky look to you. I would love to see more amazing outfits from you. Looking forward to your next post. XOXO