Friday, August 28, 2015


Täna avanes võimalus külastada Solarise keskuse Vapianot ning degusteerida uusimad roogi. Kõik see, mis te nüüd silmadega sööma hakkate, ootab teid Vapianos alates 1. septembrist! Loodan, et teil on kõhud täis, sest vastasel juhul läheb teil siin raskeks, uskuge mind. Teie ees on 6 imetabast rooga!

ZUPPA DI ZUCCA - kergelt vürtsikas kreemine kõrvitsasupp porgandi, apelsini ja kookospiimaga. Kaunistatud peterselli ja kõrvitsaõliga. Põhimõtteliselt sööksin ma seda suppi veel siiani, aga jumal tänatud, et kauss ei ole maakera suurune. Minu top kuues saab supp 2. koha!

INSALATE DI PESCE - praetud kohafilee rohelise salati, kurgi, paprika, kirsstomatite ja marineeritud fenkoliga. Kastmeks isetehtud balsamiäädika-apelsinikaste. Salat saab väärika koha nr 6! Miks? Sest mulle lihtsalt maitsevad pastad ja pizzad rohkem.

PASTA MESSICANA CON SCAMPI - kergelt vürtsikas pasta röstitud krevettide ja peekoniga koos valge rummi, sidruni, tšilli ja värske mündiga. Arvake ära, kes oli kokk!?! MINA! Tuleb tunnistada, et päris uhke tunne oli koos teiste kokkadega ritta võtta ning hiljem serveerida iseenda tehtud pastat. Olen uhke! Pasta saab koha nr 4! Oleks seal olnud bolognesepoiss, oleks 1. koht garanteeritud!

RISOTTO DI ZUCCA -  kreemjas kõrvitsarisoto porgandi ja punase karriga. Maitset lisab värske koriander. Soovitavalt koos röstitud kanafileega. Kes oli kokk? Anna! Tegu on mu elu siiani kõige parema risotoga ja väärikas koht nr 3!

PIZZA POLLO ARROSTO SUPREMO - uus versioon Pollo Arrosto pitsast: lisatud teravat chorizo vorsti ja ricotta juustu ning maitsestatud pitsa suitsuse paprikaga. Kes oli kokk? Britta! Pilt räägib juba enda eest, i-me-li-ne! Koht nr 1, nomnomnomm!

CRUMBLE DI MELE - krõbeda kattega ahjus küpsetatud õunad kaneeliga. Serveeritud koos vahukoorega. Tegu oli kuuenda roaga ehk kõht oli juba ''parajalt'' punnis ja ma olen kindel, et koogi õiged maitsed hakkasid kaduma, sealt ka koht nr 4.

Kellel läks kõht tühjaks?

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Few months back, when I made my first Asos purchase, I knew right then that it will not be the last. Since the leather jacket was perfect I needed another one. Why? God knows why??!? For about a week I kept my eyes on the prize (I mean leather jackets) and when I stumbled over the biker jacket, which I'm wearing on these photos, my heart skipped a beat. Now here we are, enjoying each other's company.

Asos jacket / Promod shirt / Zara jeans / Reserved bag, sandals / Stradivarius necklace

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

HOME / bedroom inspiration

It's time to show you my bedroom inspiration photos. I must say that it was very hard to find the proper photos because at first there was something wrong with each one I found. Probably because I have a pretty clear vision of what I like and what I want my bedroom to look like. Each photo I chose represents something I would like to have in my future bedroom.

My bedroom will have a closet area and a beauty corner with a mirror. Because of the nice big window and almost white walls the room has a natural light, which I love. I would like to add life into the room with pastels and bright colors like purple and green. Colorful items should be a rug, pillows, flowers, cool chair and hopefully I will find a perfect nightstand to match it all. My wish is all the construction work to be done by Christmas, but I think I'm being too optimistic.

At the moment I'm just over the moon excited because of the cool events that are coming up today, tomorrow and over the weekend, YAY! 
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Oh my, oh my! Where do I start? I can swear that I love this H&M fringe top as much as I adore this Bershka and Stradivarius necklace combo. At first this outfit looked kind of basic (black jeans, white shirt, black jacket), but the more I look at these photos I feel that there's something special about this look. Do you feel it too? There's something magical about the fringe top, accessories and the bright red bag. Anyway, I felt amazing wearing it and I absolutely love this feeling. What I also like about this shirt is how it fits and compliments my body and I do have to say that I think I'm bringing sexy back with it (hahaa, yup, I said it and you may laugh now).

H&M jacket, top, jeans / Zara bag / Reserved sandals / Bershka and Stradivarius necklaces

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Monday, August 24, 2015


Last week I visited Polhem PR Autumn/Winter Press Day. I saw so many clothes and accessories, which are still haunting me. But, less talk and more pictures, here we go!
 That pink New Yorker fur vest is to die for + so many pretty pastels!
 Camel coats are always IN (at least for me)!
 Yummi-yummi in my tummy!
 Nóló, a brand from Riga. Lots of fur, cool cuts and colors.
 Again, love all the light pink colored items! My favourite was the pink cardigan with a little touch of sparkle (4th in the row).
My absolute favourite pair of shoes by Tamaris.

Photos: Helen Kattai

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Friday, August 21, 2015


I feel like I have to start this post by saying that I usually never wear skirts or dresses. This H&M dress is the first maxi dress in my closet and oh my, I definitely need more maxi dresses in my life! It also means that I need to get out of my comfort zone more often, because it feels so damn good! Have a good weekend everybody! Be spontaneous and do something out of your comfort zone, I know I will!

H&M dress, vest, bag, bracelet / Reserved sandals / sunnies from Vintage Tallinn flea market
Thank you Anna for these photos! You never let me down :*

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Lots of Joffe in this post, I hope you don't mind. I really wanted to share a brand named MERÏKH to you guys. Over the summer this multifunctionalbag has saved me many times. When I go for a walk I never want to take a bag with me, which leaves no place for keys and waste bags (or lets just say poop bags). Before I had my pockets full, but now I enjoy wearing MERÏKH multibag. I can attach the bag to the pet leash with two straps or use the chain around my waist, which I prefer more.
Several functions of the leather bag:
handbag/beautybag belt bag pet leash bag bicycle bag keychain accessory for another bag

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