Apr 9, 2017


You know what? (Sorry, hon) Shooting my boyfriend is pretty painful, lol. Let's just say that being in front of the camera is his least favourite thing to do. This was his third photoshoot over the past four months and everytime the first five minutes I think ''Why I agreed to this?''. With that being said, I LOVE these photos! I'm so proud of him for being such a great and most of all very patient model today. What do you think, how did he do? I took about 150 photos and my favourite are the ones where he's moving. The moment he starts posing, it all goes down hill. I tried really hard to keep him active and catch the natural smile and body language. I enjoy taking photos! So, if you ever have a problem with no one taking your outfit photos, contact me!

Ok, enough of my BF. Peace out!

Wearing everything from Jack & Jones.
Photos & edit: me

This post is in collaboration with Jack & Jones.