Jan 5, 2017


2017, what an amazing week I've had so far! On Tuesday I had a super-duper delicious three course dinner with the lovely Polhem PR ladies and fellow bloggers in the newest Café Mademoiselle in Stockmann. The café is located on the fifth floor, so the view is pretty spectacular. We tried the new menu and I must say that the menu itself looked just like a piece of art. I love how every meal is captured on the photo and you're able too see everything they have to offer. 
So, what I ate? For my appetizer I chose a salad called ''Labri' which has Labri goat cheese, baby spinach, fresh cucumbers, avocado and cherry tomatoes with the Yasai dressing. The salad was absolutely divine and after finishing it I already felt full, but of course, this didn't keep me away from  the main dish. For my second course I had Polar burger with a beef steak and fries. I really tried to pick something else but I couldn't look away from the fries. I have no regrets! Say no more. The dinner ended with the ''cake it 'til you make it'' dessert and yes, everything was delightful and I have nothing bad to add. Well, except that I felt full times a million!
Thank you for having me! All the foodies out there, these photos are for you!
Photos: me