Aug 27, 2015

HOME / bedroom inspiration

It's time to show you my bedroom inspiration photos. I must say that it was very hard to find the proper photos because at first there was something wrong with each one I found. Probably because I have a pretty clear vision of what I like and what I want my bedroom to look like. Each photo I chose represents something I would like to have in my future bedroom.

My bedroom will have a closet area and a beauty corner with a mirror. Because of the nice big window and almost white walls the room has a natural light, which I love. I would like to add life into the room with pastels and bright colors like purple and green. Colorful items should be a rug, pillows, flowers, cool chair and hopefully I will find a perfect nightstand to match it all. My wish is all the construction work to be done by Christmas, but I think I'm being too optimistic.

At the moment I'm just over the moon excited because of the cool events that are coming up today, tomorrow and over the weekend, YAY! 
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